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There are many myths that are associated with a raw diet. Some myths like dogs cannot eat and digest bones.  Canines digestive systems are designed to handle the breakdown of soft bones found in chicken, game birds, duck, rabbit, just to name a few.  They should not be given "weight bearing" bones. These bones can potentially crack teeth. These bones are also called soup bones.  They are also leg bones  (femurs) of large animals and should not be given.  

This is the feces of a dog that is fed a grain (corn, carb, wheat, rice) filled commercial dog food. The dog is eating preservatives, dyes, chemicals and hardly NO nutrients are being absorbed into the body as you can see by the size of the waste. Not only that, dogs do not have the enzymes in their stomachs to breakout such things as white rice and potatoes. They end up turning to sugar and the dogs body stores it as fat.

This is my 80 Lb Dobermans waste...YES those three small pellets!!!! He is fed 2% of his whole body weight daily which comes out be roughly 2 lbs of raw meat/bone/organs.  And that is what he poops out daily. All the vitamins, minerals, and essential nutrients are absorbed into his body.

Rabbit is considered a red meat. This one was halved and the quartered. Also contained the liver for Vitamin A..

It's not just a canine thing! Felines, ferrets, and even Iguanas should feast on raw food!

40# of duck necks. Dozer eats these on a regular basis. It's one of his main bone staples.  Duck is a great source of Taurine. Essential for good heart function and a MUST for feline diets

Muscle meats such as the turkey gizzards below, are one of my favorite things to feed. Not only are they pure meat, you can usually buy them in bulk like this and save lots of money.

Beautiful rack of goat ribs!!! These are great teeth cleaners!

Tripe, turkey hearts, chicken thighs and spleen